LSC Coaching Team

Head Coach ASA Level 3: Sue Cameron

Senior Coach ASA Level 3: Sarah Whitcombe

Coach ASA Level 2 : George Eames, Helen Smith, Gareth Matthews

Teacher ASA Level 2: Maz Eames

Coach ASA Level 1: Denise Brown

Teacher ASA Level 1: Phil Jagger

STA Swimming Teachers: Turner James, Jess Frayne

Lane Helpers: Darren Prior, Keith Hunter, Bernadette Condron, Tamsin Netherwood, Penny Cook, Andrew Slade, Gary Grixti, Ben Algar

Senior Swimmer Lane Helpers: Ryan Lamprell, Abby Smith, Stephen Redman, Luke Frost

Strength and Conditioning Coach: Tina Le Merle

iSwim Swim Teachers

Lead Teacher – Helen Smith. Helen is our Team Leader at iSwim. Helen is an experienced ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher and Coach who has also completed her NVQ Level 2 in Swimming, Paediatric First Aid Certificate, ASA Rescue Test for Swimming Teachers and attended the UKCC/ASA Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop. Helen also coaches in the competitive side of the club.

STA Certificate in Swimming Teaching (Level 2): Turner James
STA Award in Swimming Teaching (Level 1): Alice Mantle
Lifeguard/First Aider: Darcy Kosla-Rule, Jessica Brown
In-water assistants (experienced club swimmers): Zoe Chellingworth, Felicity James, Anna Mantle, Abby Smith