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Congratulations to all swimmers who competed in our 10th Annual Novice Gala at the Arena on Sunday. It was lovely to welcome our iSwim members too.

As usual, this was a friendly teaching gala with demonstrations before each event. Many of our senior swimmers helped to run the gala:

  • Swimming demos – Will Le Merle
  • 2nd Referee – Heidi Cameron (under lead referee Helen’s watchful eye!)
  • Starter – Issy Charnock
  • Timekeepers – Becky Smith, Ella Napier, Darragh McSporran, Ed Condron, Holly Brockwell, Sammy Smith, Cian McSporran, Amber Brown (along with Dean & Andrew as chief timekeepers/finish judges)
  • Heat Marshalls (whips) – Ella Thornburg, Daniel Fernandes
  • Team Managers – Abby Smith, Matty Smith (along with adults Ayesha, Clair & Louise)
  • Annnouncer – Stephen Redman

Helen, Heidi and I judged strokes. We thought the overall standard of stroke technique was probably the best we have seen in this gala. Had this been a regular open meet there would have been very few disqualifications, even from those in Proud Squad, which was very pleasing as there is so much for them to learn and remember.

Several swimmers achieved Swim England Sprint Awards:


  • Bronze – Ciara Humphries, Freya Maynard, Trinity Feaver, Rachel Houlgate, Jazzy Jones, Henry Williams, Teddy Kingshott
  • Silver – Isabelle Isitt, Millie Isitt, Brooke Spiers, Libby Slade, Harry Stockley


  • Bronze – Ciara Humphries, Freya Maynard, Trinity Feaver, Isabelle Isitt, Emma Miles, Tegan Woods, Rachel Houlgate, Millie Isitt, Jazzy Jones, Henry Williams, Harry Stockley


  • Bronze – Jazzy Jones, Libby Slade, Rachel Houlgate, Millie Isitt
  • Silver – Freya Maynard, Isabelle Isitt, Harry Stockley
  • Gold – Trinity Feaver


  • Bronze – Ciara Humphries, Freya Maynard, Millie Isitt, Libby Slade, Brooke Spiers, Tegan Woods, Millie Forrester, Jazzy Jones, Daniel Houlgate, Henry Williams, Monty Tipton, Teddy Kingshott
  • Silver – Trinity Feaver, Isabelle Isitt, Rachel Houlgate

Gold – Harry Stockley

Well done to you all! With huge thanks to all our lovely helpers, not forgetting our ‘backroom’ staff – Tim & Leanne.

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