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Tom one of our Club Captains has been doing some great research and identified a contender to replace the Bath Training Camp that was last run in 2014.

Click here for a short presentation that shows some more but we’d like to gauge interest, probably for swimmers 12+ who’d be willing to train hard twice a day for the week.

Initially looking at October 2018 half term the costs are likely to be in the region of £350 – £400 for flights, transfers, accommodation, breakfast and pooltime. Of course we’d also be looking for qualified Team Managers and Coaches to also accompany the swimmers.

Leave a comment on our facebook post below or you can speak with either Tom or I. If someone had a keen interest to help organise with Tom and the Club Captains that too would be very welcome!



We're interested to hear your thoughts – comment below!https://www.littlehamptonswimmingclub.com/2018-training-camp-thoughts/

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