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We had a great Bonfire Gala last Saturday at Windlesham School Pool, with over 50 swimmers competing. Aimed at our Foundation and Junior Squads, this friendly novice gala is a teaching gala where we go over each race beforehand, with a demonstration from a senior swimmer. Many of the ‘officials’ and helpers were senior swimmers too! It was lovely to welcome swimmers from Bognor as well again this year.

This year we added 50m events in the breaststroke and backstroke for Junior 4 & 5 in place of the 25 breast & back so they could put into practice their racing turns for these events.

The swimmers were all brilliant, showing us all the skills they have been learning. Ribbons were awarded for 1st to 6th places in each event/age group, with anyone not getting a place ribbon receiving an ‘I swam at the gala’ ribbon. Several swimmers also achieved Swim England Performance Awards for speed:

  • BACKSTROKE SILVER: Daniel Houlgate, Jasmine Jones, Annie Kingshott, Cameron MacIntosh, Brooke Spiers, Freya Whittaker, Henry Williams
  • BACKSTROKE BRONZE: Phoebe Albuery, Adam Carter, Thomas Clarke, Esme Holness, Teddy Kingshott, Poppy Lewry, Grace MacCallum, Freya Maynard, Emma Miles, Elina Nicalou, Charlotte Parsons, Charlie Paveley-Ellis, Samuel Peek, Alexandra Spasova, Albie Tipton, Monty Tipton, Archie Turner
  • BREASTSTROKE BRONZE: Daniel Houlgate, Jasmine Jones, Annie Kingshott, Teddy Kingshott, Emma Miles, Elina Nicalou, Charlie Paveley-Ellis, Brooke Spiers, Monty Tipton, Freya Whittaker, Henry Williams
  • BUTTERFLY SILVER: Jasmine Jones, Freya Maynard
  • BUTTERFLY BRONZE: Daniel Houlgate, Annie Kingshott, Cameron MacIntosh, Brooke Spiers
  • FREESTYLE SILVER: Annie Kingshott, Cameron MacIntosh, Freya Maynard, Brooke Spiers, Albie Tipton, Archie Turner, Henry Williams
  • FREESTYLE BRONZE: Daniel Houlgate, Jasmine Jones, Teddy Kingshott, Poppy Lewry, Grace MacCallum, Hollie MacDonald, Emma Miles, Charlotte Parsons, Harry Short, Monty Tipton, Freya Whittaker

Our lovely volunteer swimmer helpers were:

  • Referee: Heidi Cameron (a qualified Judge Level 1)
  • Starter: Abi Pendleton
  • Timekeepers: Ed Condron, Max Williams, Holly Brockwell, Rachel Houlgate, Ella Short
  • Chief Timekeepers: Stephen Redman & Darragh McSporran
  • Heat Marshall: Ella Thornburg
  • Demonstrations: Daniel Fernandes
  • Announcer: Georgie Howell
  • Qualified Lifeguard: Tom Clark

With thanks to our adult volunteer officials and helpers too!

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