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As always the time flies and it’s been a busy month poolside…

It was great to see so many of our swimmers (and those from iSwim too) at the Novice gala – swimming or helping! I do hope all enjoyed one of our favourite meets of the year. Sussex Counties was a great event for the club, given our size a spectacular turnout – thanks to all the coaches, volunteers and officials who did their bit to make this one of the great events in the calendar for swimmers of Littlehampton and Sussex.

New Pool in 2019

Our history is from 1983 when the club was established alongside the opening of our current home in Littlehampton, following the tireless work of volunteers to secure a pool for the town and setup a new swimming club. We are around a year away from a significant new chapter in the clubs history with the replacement for that pool. I want to ensure our swimmers all have the best opportunity for them and the next generation at our new home.

We have started discussions on the training times and fit out of equipment for the new pool. This will see some initial changes in training times, probably from September for a trial period. This will take some focus of the coaches and committee over the next year. To achieve the best we can we all need to contribute – it can’t be left to the few as there is too much to do!  I appreciate you taking the time to read and think about where you can help…

Hungary Training Camp and 2018 Plans

Tom and the other Club Captains did a great job bringing together the proposal for a Hungary training camp. Firstly, thank you to everyone involved in the proposal and feeding in their comments but especially Tom.

The committee and I feel this is a stretch too far for 2018, in particular the short time to organise and pay for costs such as flights as well as the inherent risks for a camp abroad, particularly somewhere unknown to us. We also need experienced and qualified Team Managers (Chaperones) which we do not currently have in the club.

We are all however really keen to organise a swim camp in 2018 – probably October half term, available to a wider range of swimmers and designed around long course (50m) training. We need a project manager though – someone who can take charge:  get together lists of those interested, phone pools, make bookings and organise local accommodation options. These camps would be family orientated and designed around a night or two away. It is likely we would have a couple of groups – one younger and one older during the week.

This would be first stage to a camp abroad for the future – I would like to see those who have had a good time and got something from the camp signup with a deposit for a camp abroad in 2019 or beyond. Those who have been to our previous camps at Bath, have paid for one day camps with other providers or at other clubs all talk about the positive benefits these bring to the swimmers as well as memories of  their time swimming.

If you are willing to help us get this off the ground for this year, please speak with Tom, Sue or I.

Littlehampton Open Meets

We hold three open meets a year for those aged 9+ (January, Easter and September). Whilst we historically have not always been able to accommodate all swimmers in these popular meets we have been over time making changes to our Promoters Conditions to ease these issues and ensure as far as possible our swimmers can swim. Easter this year is our most popular meet yet and will bring vital income to the club – without the income from these three meets each year the club would become insolvent very quickly.

Please can I ask you to ensure you keep these dates free in the diaries. Great if your swimmers can swim, but even if not we still need your help – even if just for one session. If you’re working and your swimmers are coming with the Grandparents or someone else we’d appreciate their support handing our drinks, medals or manning the door. Without the help these meets can not run and we will not continue to do all we can as a club.

Easter Meet, Sunday 15th April Signup here:

  • County Qualifier: Sunday 23rd September 2018
  • January Splash 2019: Sunday 6th January 2019


There are lots of important and I hope interesting items to read.

See you poolside soon. Tim

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