Pool Set up for LSC Easter Meet

Internal Club Galas

These are ‘closed competitions’ as only members of our club can enter them. These are the only galas where you can be any age to enter and indeed we often have 5 & 6 year olds enter. For most meets age group is determined by a swimmer’s age on the day of the meet. For club champs, where we have a series of dates, a swimmer’s age group is determined by their age on the day of the last gala for the club championships.

We normally run three Internal Club Galas each year:-

Novice Gala – a teaching gala for swimmers new to competition

Club Championships  – all events for all ages

Sibyl Tarvis Age Group Gala – STAG is loads of fun and includes our exciting Skins events

We would expect the majority of our swimmers to enter these galas, details of which are given on the pages linked to above and by Staying Informed via our other club communications.