Nutrition After Training by Anita Bean

What to eat after training?

Start re-fuelling within 30 minutes after training, even if it’s late in the evening. This will help your muscle recover faster. Your recovery snack should contain carbohydrate to replenish depleted fuel (glycogen) stores, as well as protein to repair and rebuild the muscles. It can be similar to the pre-training snack, perhaps with a little extra protein. Good choices include milk and milk-based drinks (milkshakes, hot chocolate, etc), yoghurt, oat-based bars, cereal with milk, or nuts.

Re-hydrate: drink straight away (water or diluted juice)

Refuel: carb & protein snack within 30 min

  • 500 ml milk, milk shake or flavoured milk
  • One banana plus a handful of nuts
  • 2 pots (2 x 150g) of fruit yoghurt
  • One cereal bar plus 1 pot of fruit yoghurt
  • Wholemeal sandwich or toast with peanut butter or cheese