Scott Age Group Squad

Competitive Club Squad – 4 sessions per week (6 hours), plus land (1 hour)

This squad is aimed at age group swimmers aged 12-15yrs. Some may be at county and regional level but do not wish to commit to the performance programme. Swimmers will train in the aerobic, anaerobic threshold and speed training energy zones, with an introduction to overload endurance and anaerobic race pace training. They should be competent in all four strokes and have a good training ethic e.g. always do at least 3 dolphin kicks in a streamline off every wall (except in breaststroke!). They should have achieved at least their Preliminary Competitive Start Award.


  • Three main training cycles:
    • 1st cycle to Christmas
    • 2nd cycle to end of National Qualifying window / Regionals
    • 3rd cycle to Nationals / end of season meet
  • Skills & technique continue
  • Aerobic conditioning
  • Basic speed (short sprints)
  • Swimmers age 14/15+ will train all zones, including anaerobic race pace and overload endurance


  • October – Sussex County Winter Competition if qualifying times met
  • November – South East Regional Winter Competition if qualifying times met
  • December – Club Championships
  • January – Sussex County Relay Gala by invitation
  • February – Sussex County Championships if qualifying times met
  • May – South East Regional Championships if qualifying times met
  • July – Sibyl Tarvis Gala, knwon as STAG (sprints only)
  • Level 1, 2 & 3 open meets – our 3 home open meets in Sep/Jan/April, plus others from our calendar (optional)
  • Friendly team galas by invitation
  • Arena League by invitation (always the 2nd Saturdays in Oct/Nov/Dec)
  • Sussex League by invitation (3 galas usually held between March & July)

Refer to our Coaching Team page for details of Squad coach & Lane Coaches

If you are interested in joining the club please contact us.