What is Strength and Conditioning?

Strength & Conditioning is exercise done out of the water that supports the technical and endurance work done in the pool.

Strength and Conditioning (S&C) is more than just press-ups on the deck. At LSC our S&C programme encompasses warm-up routines, stretching exercises and any dry land-training used to help and enhance performance in the pool. Land-training activities include, but are not limited to, shoulder and core strength exercise, weight training, endurance training like running, flexibility training like Yoga sessions.

The S&C programme is developed in conjunction with the technical coaching team and tailored to fit with and support their aims. It is designed to vary in type and intensity inline with the annual training plan.

A full routine of Pre-water Mobility exercises must be done before in-pool warm up, and a routine of Static Stretching exercises, to be done after the swim session. These should be done by EVERY swimmer as part of EVERY session, or competition, to prevent injury and to get the most benefit from your swim training.

Pages Below:

2. Overview of Pre-pool Mobility (RMAP system)
3. Raise Body Temperature Exercises
4. Activate Exercises
5. Mobilise Exercises
6. Prime your body Exercises
7. Post-water Static Stretching