Activate at your Level

Exercises that activate the body, joints and muscles required for the swim set. Shoulders are generally the areas most prone to swimming injury so should have extra attention.

Choose your exercise Level (1,2 or 3) from each of these 5 exercises and do sets of 10 of each, repeating 3 times. Over time as you get used to your level try to move up to the next level.

Back of Body

  1. Glute Bridge – Double leg 
  2. Glute Bridge – 2 up 1 down 
  3. Glute Bridge – Single leg

Side of Body

  1. Clams heels down
  2. Clams heels lifted
  3. Sidelying straight leg lifts

Upper Back

  1. Double arm serratus punch
  2. Single arm searratus punch
  3. Kneeling push up plus

Shoulder (Rotator Cuff)

  1. Sitting external rotation against band elbows in
  2. Sitting external rotation against band at 45 abduction
  3. Single external rotation against band at 110 abduction

All Together (Kinetic Chain)

  1. Arms only superman
  2. Legs only superman
  3. Arms and legs superman

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