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Hi All,

Just a few reminders with the main counties starting this weekend.

Please may all swimmers ensure they wear their white LSC swimming hats. If they do not have one please can you purchase one tomorrow at the kit desk.
Please may they also bring their club t-shirts or t-bags to wear poolside (and for team photos).
Please remember skills sheets.
Large kit bags must be put in lockers; only a small drawstring bag is allowed. We sell these too of course!
No sweets poolside please, just suitable snacks and plenty to drink. Here is a quote from expert nutritionist Anita Bean:
“I frequently see swimmers eating sweets and drinking sugary drinks before training/competing in the belief that sugar will aid their performance. In fact, the opposite has been shown to hold true – consuming sugar before exercise does NOT improve performance or stamina. Eating lots of sugar triggers high levels of insulin in the bloodstream, which takes sugar out of the blood stream rapidly, resulting in a sharp drop in blood sugar. This rebound effect can make you feel tired, weak and lightheaded. Instead, eat a healthy pre-training/competition meal that includes wholegrain carbs and protein. If you need a pre-training/competition energy boost, it’s safer to choose foods, such as bananas, dried fruit, and oat (granola) bars that won’t play havoc with blood sugar levels.”
Swimmers need to report to me no later than 15 minutes before the start of warm up. Any swimmer who has not arrived 5 minutes before withdrawals close will be withdrawn from that session unless they have notified me by text about their late arrival.
All event information, including warm up times, can be found here:
Good luck everyone!
Kind Regards,

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