Empty Pool at Arun Leisure Centre

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LSC Easter Meet 2017 3SE170031 – 9 April 2017 Arun leisure Centre

Entries are now closed and the list of confirmed entries are published. Follow the links below for:

Confirmed Entry List & Summary of Scratches

All lanes in all heats are full. If we receive any withdrawals scratched swimmers will be given priority to swim on the day. In line with with Promoters Conditions (details available via the link above).

No late entries will be available for swimmers not already swimming, no swimmers should attend on the off-chance of getting a swim as we can not accommodate additional swimmers poolside.

We have been heavily over subscribed for this meet and unfortunately have been forced to scratch a higher than normal number. Refunds are available via your clubs if you are affected by this. Refunds will be made after the meet taking account of any scratched swimmers we manage to accommodate on the day (avoiding the need for cash payment at the pool)

It will be a busy event and space pool side will be limited. Due to building work at Arun Leisure Centre space will also be limited in the foyer. We will make special arrangements for spectator entry but seating will, as always, be limited. Paying for entry does not guarantee a seat. Spectator Entry Fee is £3 per session or £7 for 3 sessions. Children under 12 Free. A programme will be £1. We hope to be uploading to our Live Results page and to Meet Mobile during the event (subject to internet connection).

Further details and timings will be emailed to clubs and published here a week before the meet.

Many thanks for entering our meet we hope you all have a great day and achieve all your swimming goals

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