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At the end of each month Littlehampton Swimming Club’s Coaching team select one Swimmer of the Month from each of our swimming squads

March was based on swimming to the 20th, whilst April was based on home land training efforts.

March 2020 winners

  • Foundation: Harry Candler
  • Junior 3: Nate Thornburg
  • Junior 4: Fletcher Collier
  • Junior 5: Millie Forrester
  • Junior 6: Freya Maynard
  • Senior Squad: Trinity Feaver
  • Performance Squad: Archie Strowger

April 2020 winners

  • Foundation: no winner – remember to submit evidence to Sue
  • Junior 3: Phoebie Albuery
  • Junior 4: Charlie Carman
  • Junior 5: Joshua Sheward
  • Junior 6: Logan Hickmore
  • Senior Squad: Kaitlin Hickmore
  • Performance Squad: Becky Smith & Joe Greaves

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