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Our 11th Annual Novice Gala took place on Sunday 8th March at the Arena Sports Centre…. And what a tight squeeze that was! 45 club swimmers took part, along with 14 from our swim school iSwim.

This was the first Novice Gala I had missed as Head Coach, but I have been told how brilliantly everyone swam. Helen Smith did a fantastic job stepping in for me, as well as refereeing!

Sprint Awards were achieved by:

  • Backstroke Bronze – Phoebe Albuery, Lola Mortiboys, Maia Middleton, Sophia Hendey, Alexandra Spasova, Charlie Carman, Thomas Clarke, Charlie Paveley-Ellis, Fletcher Collier, Teddy Kingshott, Sam Peek, Jack Cheney
  • Backstroke Silver – Abigail Wakeham, Adam Carter
  • Backstroke Gold – Joshua Sheward
  • Butterfly Bronze – Hollie MacDonald, Lola Mortiboys, Joshua Sheward, Callum McCormick (iSwim)
  • Freestyle Bronze – Hollie MacDonald, Lola Mortiboys, Isabella Lattin-Rawstrone, Maia Middleton, Sophia Hendey, Charlie Carman, Thomas Clarke, Adam Carter, Charlie Paveley-Ellis, Teddy Kingshott
  • Freestyle Silver – Joshua Sheward
  • Breaststroke Bronze – Hollie MacDonald, Lola Mortiboys, Sophia Hendey, Charlie Paveley-Ellis, Teddy Kingshott, Joshua Sheward

Well done to everyone who swam!

With huge thanks to all our lovely helpers, especially our young volunteers:

Issy Charnock, Stephen Redman, Georgie Howell, Lewis Jones, Abi Pendleton, Kitty Hogg, Daniel Fernandes, Ella Thornburg, Fliss Harris, Emma Miles, Charlotte Parsons, Ella Short, Freya Maynard, Luca Grixti, Emily Carman, Ashton Netherwood, Becky Smith and Annie Kingshott.

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