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A number of people have raised concerns about the atmosphere in the pool, in particular at Littlehampton that has at times felt uncomfortable and with a string smell of chlorine. This smell is often not Chlorine itself but Chloramines.

Chloramines are a result from the combination of two ingredients: (a) chlorine disinfectants and (b) perspiration, oils and urine that enter pools on the bodies of swimmers. Chlorine disinfectants are added to pool water to destroy germs that can give swimmers diarrhoea, ear aches and athlete’s foot. Perspiration, oils and urine, however, are unwanted additions to pool water.

We have been working with the Pool to ensure the environment is as good as it can be – in order to make sure we are doing our part please can we ask you and all your swimmers to:

  • Use the toilet and shower before entering the pool – any sweat, perfumes, grease and dirt will not help the pool environment.
  • Wear a swim cap.
  • Do not wash your swimsuits in detergents which will also react with the chlorine.
  • Ensure all pool ventilation is not blocked – bench seats, shallow end and deep end vents.
  • Keep floats, fins, snorkels and bags in a clean state.
  • Do not introduce anything to the water that shouldn’t be there – for example from water bottles.

By doing your bit, starting tonight will help make for a more comfortable session both for yourself and others.

In all cases as a reminder, that those with:

  • infections should not use the pool,
  • diarrhoea must not swim, due to the risk of cryptosporidiosis for 14 days after symptoms have cleared.

Thank you!

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