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Saturday 15th July 2017, Arun Leisure Centre, Felpham

Entries for our annual Sibyl Tarvis Age Group Gala are open.

This is an Internal Club Gala for LSC members. It is a sprint event with 25m all strokes for swimmers aged 8 years & under and 50m all strokes for 9 years & over. Plus this year we include the 100 IM events. At STAG we also run the ever popular Skins Events with cash prizes!

Everyone can and should enter this gala, regardless of which group you are in, indeed it would be great to see you all do this including the masters!

This is an excellent introductory gala if you have never swum competitively before and of course it is a great way of gaining improved times, earning ASA competitive performance (speed) badges and improving your grades. Please speak to Sue or your lane coach if you need advice about entering this gala.

CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES: 8:30pm on Friday 24th June 207

Entry is an inclusive rate of £5.00 in total which includes all your events.
Details and entry forms can be found on the STAG page of our website

Please hand your completed entry form in at the Club Help Desk, it would help us if you can get your entries in as soon as possible and any late entries will not be accepted.

This will be a great meet and I look forward to seeing many great swims and personal bests.

Good Luck and Have Fun!
External Gala Secretary
Littlehampton Swimming Club

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