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Littlehampton SC Team Compete at the South East Region Long Course Masters

On 21st January myself, Drew and Sheila competed in the South East Region L/C Masters at the K2 Crawley

There was a mild panic a few days before hand as the boom in the middle of the pool was stuck and the meet may have to be run as a short course meet. I for one would have been glad if it had stayed stuck because the thought of 50m Fly in a long course pool at the beginning of a 200m IM was pretty daunting for me. Unfortunately (sorry meant to type fortunately) it was all fixed in time and the boom was lowered for the long course meet.

Sheila started things off on day 1 with the 800m Freestyle, she’s relatively new to masters pool swimming and has been improving through out training. Her time was a very respectable 16:21.68 which was good enough for a Bronze medal in her age group.

Drew followed later on in the morning session and had a great swim with a time of 10:35.51 bagging himself a silver medal in his age group. I was quite happy watching from the stands!!

Myself and Drew both competed in the 50m Backstroke which is obviously the polar opposite of an 800m swim. Right from the off its an all out sprint for the finish and then hope you have enough in the tank for the last 10 metres where it really hurts. You just want the wall by about half way. We both won Gold in our age groups with times of 31.75 (Drew) and 38.71 (Me). Backstroke really isn’t my stroke even when I was young but it shows that you can make improvements through technique at any age.

Back in to familiar territory for me with the 100m Breaststroke next and another Gold medal was gained in a time of 1:25.85. The final event of the first day was the 200IM. Ive already eluded to the 50m Fly at the beginning of this event. Its not a stroke that i find natural and its a personal goal of mine to do a 200m event in under 3 minutes. Unfortunately I finished on 3:08.50 good enough for 4th. Drew again put in a very strong swim to win himself another Gold in a time of 2:37.33.

The second day I competed in the 50m Breaststroke (Gold 38.89), 50m Freestyle (33.40) and the 200m Breaststroke (Gold 3:08.05)

So we had some fantastic swims and all brought home plenty of bling to show that we’ve still got it!!!

Darren Brown

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