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We had a fantastic weekend at the Sussex County Winter Competition – lots of huge PBs, medals and 20 new club records!

So a quick summary:
  • 180 swims, 123 PBs – approx 68% PB rate. This was also the PB rate announced for the whole competition.
  • Lewis Smart won both the Junior and Open Individual Medley Championship trophies – the first time a swimmer has won both in many years.
  • Madi made the girls IM open championship final.
  • Gold Medal winners: Jessie Brown, Charlie Hodges (6), Tom Hogg, Ollie Iden, Lewis Smart (9), Euan MacLeod (3), Madi Walker.
  • Silver Medal winners: Jessie Brown, Tom Hogg (3), Ollie Iden, Ella Napier (2), Lewis Smart, Abby Smith, Becky Smith, Madi Walker (2).
  • Bronze Medal winners: Jessie Brown (2), Charlie Hodges, Tom Hogg (3), Millie Iden, Ollie Iden (2), Becky Smith, Archie Strowger, Ella Thornburg (3), Madi Walker (2).
We had some high points finishers, with points awarded in every event swum. This meant the more events you swam the higher you were likely to finish – but of course you had to qualify for that number of events first! Our swimmers placed in the top 8 were:
  • Kitty Hogg 7th – 10yr girls
  • Ella Napier 3rd – 11yr girls
  • Ella Thornburg 6th – 11yr girls
  • Euan MacLeod 8th – 13yr boys
  • Ollie Iden 4th – 14yr boys
Overall team scores out of 17 competing clubs:
  • Boys finished 5th with 949 points
  • Girls finished 8th with 939 points
Short Course Club Records were swum by:
  • Charlie Hodges 16yrs/over 100 back
  • Ollie Iden 14yr 200 fly
  • Euan MacLeod – 11yr 50, 100 & 200 back, 50 & 100 fly, 100 free – six!!
  • Lewis Smart 16yrs/over 50 & 100 breast
  • Abby Smith 15yr 100 breast – has not been broken since 1992!!
  • Becky Smith 10yr 50 & 100 breast. 100 breast has stood for 17 years – and I watched it being set back then!!
  • Archie Strowger 13yr 200 fly
  • Ella Thornburg 11yr 200 fly – has stood for 12 years!
  • Madi Walker 15yr 100 & 200 back, 200 breast, 200 IM & 400 free – five!!

These have already been uploaded to the website. I did notice as I was going through them that a couple of swimmers have not been submitting their records from open meets etc. Please remember I only update them automatically for county competitions and above, any other competition you must tell me. All club records are age on day.

I was hugely proud of EVERYONE who took part, congratulations to you all.

Thank you to all our lovely helpers – team managers/coaches Kerry, Denise, Ciara, Tina & Tamsin; Zoe & Tim who did a fab job on the drinks; referee Mark and chief timekeeper Daren.

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