Sussex ASA Logo used for Sussex league 2017

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Our first Sussex League gala of 2017 is this Saturday 6th May at Arun Leisure Centre. Entry for spectators will be £3 and programmes 50p.

The team strokes have been circulated to all those involved. Team lists for the 2nd and 3rd events have also been circulated on a separate email. If you were expecting to hear from Sue but have not received an email please contact her.

Maria, our workforce Co-ordinator, has just circulated the job roles as we are host for this first gala. Please reply to her if you have any issues with attending or carrying out the duties.

Sue Says:
A couple of swimmers have quite a few races (in particular Euan, Tom H, Madi) – please come and speak with me tomorrow evening if you are concerned about any of the events you are swimming. I still have not had email confirmation from a couple of swimmers, but have put these swimmers in – any problem with attending please contact me immediately.

I have requested the following team managers/coaches so we can have two with the team and two on lane ends as usual (unless Maria desperately needs you to do something else) – Helen Smith (may be needed to officiate though), Phil Jagger, Ciara Macleod, Rachel Davis.

Please ensure all swimmers have plenty to drink and suitable snacks (not sweets) with them.

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